Lunch & Dinner

Pane - Breads (made on the premises)

Bocconcini Bruschetta $8.50
fresh roma tomato and bocconcini, drizzled with EVOO, served on Italian bread
Traditional Bruschetta $7.50
fresh roma tomato, red onion, fresh garlic, drizzled with EVOO, served on Italian bread
Taormina Bruschetta $12.00
fresh roma tomato, grilled prosciutto, rocket and shaved parmesan,
drizzled with an olive oil balsamic glaze
Trio of Dips $11.00
served with grilled pizza bread
Homemade Pizza Bread $7.50
choose from garlic, herb, pesto or chilli, topped with mozzarella
Bread of the day$11.00
drizzled with EVOO balsamic glaze

Primi Piatti - Entrees

Antipasto Della Casa $18.00
selection of traditional Italian delicacies served with Italian bread (for two people)
Arrabiata Chilli Prawns$16.00
green prawns sautéed with chilli, garlic and onion served on top of a tomato risotto
Chilli Flour Dusted Calamari $15.00
served on a gourmet Italian salad, drizzled with a lemon aioli sauce
Sicilian Scallops $16.00
three half shell scallops grilled, drizzled with basil pesto EVOO and served on top of
linguini, sautéed with garlic, onion, and chilli
Garlic Prawns $16.00
green prawns sautéed with garlic, onion, rocket, in EVOO served on top of a
creamy risotto
Salt & Pepper Whiting Fillets$16.00
pan-fried, served on a rocket, roma tomato, and red onion salad
Duck Ravioli$16.00
Ravioli filled with duck meat, orange zest, served in a caramelized onion, cardinal sauce

Insalati - Salads

Caesar Salad $16.00
coz lettuce, bacon, croutons, parmesan with a homemade aioli sauce
Caesar Salad with Grilled Chicken$20.00
chicken, coz lettuce, bacon, croutons, parmesan with a homemade aioli sauce
Roman Empire SaladE: $16.00 M: $20.00
grilled chicken, roasted capsicum, bocconcini, olives,
sundried tomatoes, with a honey olive oil dressing, served with grilled Italian bread
Octopus SaladE: $16.00 M: $20.00
baby octopus, grilled and marinated in EVOO, lemon juice,
chilli and basil, served on a gourmet salad
Grilled Prawn Salad E: $19.00 M: $23.00
grilled prawns served with avocado, on a gourmet salad
Spicy Lamb SaladE: $17.00 M: $21.00
grilled marinated lamb strips, served on a gourmet salad


The Mafiuso$19.00
olives, pepperoni, anchovies, gorgonzola cheese, mozzarella cheese, chilli,
and caramelized onion
The Queen Margherita$15.00
bocconcini, mozzarella cheese, fresh tomato, drizzled with EVOO
Sleep with the Fish$20.00
prawns, calamari, octopus, smoked salmon, red onion, chilli, garlic,
and mozzarella cheese
The Roman EmpirePreis
grilled chicken, capsicum, mushrooms, sundried tomato, and mozzarella cheese
double bocconcini cheese, semidried tomato, leg ham, double parmesan cheese,
double mozzarella cheese, drizzled with infused basil EVOO
4 Cheese Pizza$19.00
gorgonzola, bocconcini, mozzarella and parmesan cheeses
artichoke, kalamata olives, capsicum, rocket, mushrooms,
haloumi and mozzarella cheese
The Sicilian$19.00
basil pesto based, roma tomato, leg ham, red onion, kalamata olives,
and mozzarella cheese, topped with fresh rocket
The Godfather$20.00
prosciutto, ham, pepperoni, sundried tomato, red onion, bocconcini and
mozzarella cheese


Hot Garlic Calamari & Scallops LinguiniE: $20.00 M: $25.00
scallops and calamari rings pan-fried in EVOO with basil, chilli,
rocket, red onion, and fresh roma tomato, drizzled with lemon juice
Fettuccini Al PolloE: $16.00 M: $20.00
signature dish made famous by D & G: chicken tenders, macadamia nuts,
avocado, semidried tomato, sautéed in a light lemon cream sauce with cracked pepper
Sand Crab CannelloniE: $20.00 M: $24.00
filled with sand crab, roasted capsicum and ricotta, served with a
Napoli sauce topped with a garlic cream sauce
GnocchiE: $16.00 M: $20.00
The Godfather 5E: $24.00 M: $28.00
prawns sautéed with red onion, capsicum, semidried tomato, prosciutto,
rocket and brandy served with a creamy sauce on top of fettuccini
Traditional Meat LasagnaM: $20.00
“Mamma Santina’s Special”
Fettuccini PescatoreE: $20.00 M: $24.00
prawns, calamari, octopus, garlic, rocket and basil pesto sautéed in EVOO
Three Cheese GnocchiE: $16.00 M: $20.00
gorgonzola, bocconcini, and parmesan cheeses,
sautéed with garlic onion in a creamy sauce
Fettuccini BologneseE: $15.00 M: $19.00
homemade Italian meat sauce
Linguini MarinaraE: $20.00 M: $24.00
fresh seafood cooked in a cardinal sauce
Traditional Fettuccini CarbornaraE: $16.00 M: $20.00
prosciutto, mushrooms, egg, sautéed with onion and garlic, in a creamy sauce

Secondi - Mains

Chicken Scallopini$26.00
with artichokes and prosciutto, in a lemon cream garlic sauce, served with chips and salad
Rack of Lamb$29.00
served with pan-fried vegetables and rosemary roast potatoes, topped with a caramelized onion, spicy Napoli sauce
Rib Fillet (300g)$30.00
topped with prawns, served with pan-fried vegetables and rosemary roast potatoes,
with a garlic pepper sauce
Eye Fillet$28.00
served with pan-fried vegetables and rosemary roast potatoes, with your choice of mushroom, garlic,
chilli, or pepper sauce
Pork Cutlet$25.00
grilled pork cutlet with a creamy caramelized onion sauce, served with pan-fried vegetables and
rosemary roast potatoes
Chicken Saltimbocca $26.00
served with pan-fried vegetables and rosemary roast potatoes, topped with a caramelized onion, spicy Napoli sauce
Veal Saltimbocca$27.00
pan-fried veal, served with a caramelized Napoli sauce, topped with bocconcini, with pan-fried
vegetables and rosemary roast potatoes
Fish of the Daymarket price
grilled and served with pan-fried vegetables and rosemary potatoes, topped with a lemon garlic cream sauce
Veal Scallopini$29.00
lightly pan-fried veal fillets, with a creamy garlic pepper sauce, topped with half shell scallops,
and served with chips and salad


Spicy Italian Scallops & Calamari RisottoE: $21.00 M: $25.00
scallops and calamari, sautéed with EVOO, chilli,
garlic, red onion, capsicum, and rocket in a creamy pesto sauce
Chicken Risotto$29.00
chicken breast strips sautéed with red onion, garlic, fresh roma tomato, semi- dried tomato, basil, snow peas, and EVOO, topped with parmesan
Vegetarian RisottoE: $15.00 M: $19.00
basil pesto sautéed with rocket, mushrooms, artichokes, sun-dried tomato,
and capsicum, in a cream sauce
Seafood RisottoE: $20.00 M: $24.00
resh seafood sautéed with garlic, onion, and chilli, served in a creamy Napoli sauce
Gladiator PrawnsE: $23.00 M: $28.00
prawns sautéed with garlic, chilli, prosciutto, rocket, and bruschetta mix,
topped with EVOO
Bug Risotto E: $24.00 M: $29.00
grilled Moreton Bay Bugs, served on top of a creamy garlic risotto, sautéed with
capsicum, rocket, red onion and snow peas

Bambini (12 years and under only)

Veal steak$13.00
grilled, served with chips and a creamy garlic sauce
Chicken nuggets$7.00
served with chips
Beef burger$9.00
served with chips
Fettuccini Napoli$8.50
Fettuccini Bolognese$10.00
served with chips
Ham, pineapple & mozzarella cheese pizza$12.00
Chicken breast$13.00
grilled, served with chips and a Napoli sauce

Please note...
Side Orders
Garden Salad $7.50
Gourmet Salad$9.00
Rocket, Parmesan, Prosciutto Salad$10.00
Pan-fried Vegetables$7.00
Rosemary Roast Potatoes$7.00
Italian Bread$4.00
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