Please note that a minimum of 24 hours notice is required for catering

Gourmet Sandwiches
Small deluxe sandwich platter (8 rounds)$36.00
Large deluxe sandwich platter (12 rounds)$54.00
Toasted Focaccia / Panini / Turkish
Small toasted gourmet platter (5 to 6 people)$39.00
Large toasted gourmet platter (7 to 9 people)$58.50
Morning and Afternoon Tea – A selection of homemade desserts.
Small platter (6 to 8 people)$48.00
Large platter (12 to 16 people)$96.00
Fruit and Cheese Platters – A selection of seasonal fruit and a variety of cheeses
served with water cracker.
Small platter (6 to 10 people)$65.00
Cocktail Fingerfood: Spring rolls, samosas, wedges and meat balls.
Small platter (6 to 8 people)$52.00
Large platter (12 to 16 people)$104.00
Tapas Platter – A combination of Mediterranean antipasto prepared by our chefs –
prosciutto, marinated vegetables, cheese, dips and bread.
Small platter (6 to 8 people)$56.00
Large platter (12 to 16 people)$112.00
Combo Platter – The chef’s homemade combination platter with dips, cheese,
dried fruit, bread, crackers and nuts.
Small platter (6 to 8 people) $48.00
Large platter (12 to 16 people) $128.00
Lasagna Tray
Small tray (8 to 10 people) $30.00
Medium tray (12 to 16 people)$45.00
Large tray (18 to 24 people)$128.00
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