11.00am or 2.30pm

Roman Empire Burger $14.00
lean beef patty, capsicum, prosciutto, grilled onions, swiss cheese and roma tomato.
homemade traditional beef.
Vegetarian Quiche $10.00
Empire Kebab Wrap$12.00
choose from beef, chicken, or lamb, served with lettuce, roma tomato, onion,
mozzarella cheese and your choice of chilli, tomato, bbq, garlic, or mayonnaise sauce.
Steak Sandwich$14.00
served with grilled onions, roma tomato and lettuce.
Works Burger$14.00
beef, bacon, pineapple, egg, spanish onion, lettuce, and roma tomato.
Chicken Fillet Burger$14.00
chicken breast fillet, avocado, swiss cheese, spanish onion, lettuce and roma tomato.
bacon, lettuce and roma tomato, served on turkish toast
Basket of fries $6.00
Small Pizza $15.00
create your own, and choose up to four toppings (from below).
extra toppings $1.00 each. gluten free pizza bases also available.
Toasted Sandwich Delights$12.00
choose up to four toppings (from below). served on your choice of turkish bread,
white toast or gluten free bread with salad & chips. extra toppings $1.00 each.

Toppings - Create your own

PepperoniPineappleBocconcini CheeseRoasted CapsicumChilli
Leg HamAvocadoSwiss CheeseGarlicArtichokes
BaconMushroomsGorgonzola CheesePestoSemi Dried Tomato
Grilled ChickenKalamata OlivesProsciuttoMozzarella CheeseSpanish Onion
RocketSmoked SalmonSmoked SalmonRoma Tomato Anchovies
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